How to add your business to Google Maps in Ghana

How to add your business to Google Maps in Ghana

Google Maps is a web mapping platform that provides detailed information about locations, businesses and many more around the world. The use of Google maps in Ghana has given all businesses the option to create an account to get their businesses listed on Google without going through any hassle.

To set up your business location on the map, you can easily use google my business or google maps to add your business location on google with a few steps. In a post sighted by, most people prefer Google maps over google my business when adding business or location to the map.

Most businesses in Ghana find it difficult to be approved and verified on google using the google my business platform. The issue most businesses in ghana go through using google my business is after filling in the required information, google my business gives only one option to be done to complete the process which is to send a postcard to the receiver. This postcard after sending in 14days never arrives in the country which makes a lot of businesses keep waiting.

For the above reason, most African businesses prefer the google map when adding their location on the map. In an interview made by, almost 80% of businesses use google maps to add their business onto the listed google business.

When your business is been uploaded to the map, getting customers to your business doorstep is very easy. Customers can easily find some details like opening and closing time, phone number, address or location and some pictures about your business. Your customers can also rate your business, find updates about your business and chat with you directly through the map.

How to add your business to Google Maps in Ghana

To add your business to the map, you can easily use your android phone to add a business to the map.

  1. On your smartphone, open the Google Maps app
  2. Now click on Contribute
  3. Click on the Add Place button
  4. Now fill in the required information needed
  5. Click on Send or Submit
  6. You will then receive a review mail concerning the submission. Your business will be published after review by the google maps team

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