Google Photos vs iCloud, Which cloud storage is best?

Google Photos vs iCloud, Which cloud storage is best?

Which cloud storage is the best? For years this has been a struggle from using an external hard drive to burn your photos into a disc but in this tutorial, TheGhanaTech is going to discuss the two most popular cloud options, Google Photos and iCloud.

Most people get a little bit confused by the cloud. Cloud can be described as a global network server, that can hold any storage capacity such as photos, videos, songs, documents etc. This system is very safe and can be accessed remotely with credentials.

Most often clouds are used for data backup, disaster recovery, archiving, and DevOps projects. Now for those of you who are a little bit shaky about the benefit of the cloud, TheGhanaTech will explain to you the three (3) reasons why you should be using a cloud service.

  • Cloud storage is very safe: Services such as google, amazon, dropbox, and iCloud have multiple locations where they store your files across the world, so they don’t have an accident deleting them from the cloud.
  • Cloud storage allows easy access: They allow you to access your photos, videos, and files from any location or any device.
  • Cloud storage comes with feature-rich: Most cloud services come with a lot of building features for editing, collaborating and sharing.

There are a lot of cloud services providers to choose from but for the purposes of this tutorial, we are going to discuss Google Photos and iCloud in other to store photos and videos because, in our opinion, these are the only two serious contenders.

Let’s discuss Access, When you take a photo on your iPhone, Mac or any other Apple product, the photo will be uploaded to the cloud and will be immediately available across all of the devices. Google photo is a downloadable app and you can use google photo on any device whether it’s iOS or Android, or even windows.

You can access Google Photos and iCloud photos from the web. Google photos are feature-rich and it is really easy to use whiles iCloud photos really look like an old version of apple and with that, you need to do most from your phone.

Having said this, Google photos require you to have an active internet in other to view your photos. iCloud photos by contrast are available on your phone at all times even if you don’t have internet service you can still view all of your photos and videos.

Now let’s discuss Backup, iCloud is actually just a sync service which means that if you delete a photo from your phone, it will also be deleted from the cloud. Google photos is a backup service not just a syncing service so that means that if you delete a photo from your phone, it’s still safely stored in the google cloud.

Storage optimisation, Google photos has a free storage space of 15GB whiles iCloud has a free storage space of 5GB. iCloud has a great optimization tool that can be used to suppress the photos stored on your phone at a ratio of about 10 to 1. Google photos allow you to free up space in just a few simple clicks.

Sharing, iCloud photo is very simple if you want to share your photos with a third-party app, Facebook, or Instagram, with just a click. Google photos similarly allow you to share photos with third-party apps, Facebook, or Instagram but only allow you to edit or download the photos if they sign in using a Google account.

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