How to use SMS for 2-Factor Facebook authentication

How to use SMS for 2-Factor Facebook authentication

Do you know that you can log in to your Facebook account with the use of text messages (SMS) codes for two-factor authentication?

Most individuals don’t know the advantage of setting up the two-factor security on Facebook. According to the Facebook Security help centre sighted by, Two-Factor authentication is a security feature that helps protect your Facebook account in addition to your password.

This security option helps a user to get an alert in a form of a text message (SMS) with a 6-digits code when someone tries to access your account from a browser or mobile device.

As a Facebook user, you need to make sure your privacy is fully secured to avoid any cyber attacks. Most accounts are been hacked due to breaches and leaked passwords. To avoid scams or any cyber attacks, the best way is to set up two-factor authentication security.

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How to use text message (SMS) for Two-Factor Authentication on Facebook

Kindly follow the steps below to complete your security setup for your Facebook account.

  1. Kindly log in to your facebook account
  2. Click on Securitys & Privacy at the right corner
  3. Click on Settings and go to Security and Login
  4. Scroll down to Two-Factor Authentication and click on Edit
  5. In your security method, click on Use Text Message (SMS)
  6. Now enter your Mobile Number and turn on Text Message (SMS) codes

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