How to record phone calls on your Samsung Galaxy phone

How to record phone calls on your Samsung Galaxy phone

Looking to record calls on your Samsung Galaxy phone? The call recording feature is natively available on all Galaxy devices, simplifying the entire process. This also means that you don’t need any third-party app to record calls on your Galaxy smartphone.

Before you start recording calls on your Samsung Galaxy phone, you should know that the feature might not be available in your country or in the area where you live due to local rules and regulations. In some European countries and U.S. states, the law requires all parties to consent to the recording. The Phone app makes an announcement, so everyone knows they are on a recorded call.

In some countries, it is illegal to record calls without the other party’s consent. So don’t be surprised if the call recording feature is missing from your Samsung Galaxy device. In such cases, you are out of luck as there’s nothing that can be done to enable this functionality.

Instead of writing down with pen and paper, record a call on your Samsung Galaxy phone and review it later. We show you how to record carrier voice calls on your Galaxy phone.

How to record a call on a Samsung Galaxy phone

The record call function only appears when you are in an active call. Go through the steps below to record a call on your Samsung Galaxy phone.

  1. Open the Phone app and make a call.
  2. Once in an active conversation, tap the three-dot menu at the top.
  3. Select Record call. A red dot indicates the active call recording status and time.
  4. Disconnect the call or open the same menu at the top to stop the call recording.

The system saves the recording in internal storage and sends a notification for it. You can swipe down from the top and open the Notification center. Check the Call recorded notification and tap it to listen to the recording. When you record a call, a small mic icon appears next to a contact name (or number) in the Phone app’s Recents menu.

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