How to Request for your NSS Certificate Online

How to Request for your NSS Certificate Online

Do you know that you can request your National Service Scheme (NSS) Certificate online? Requesting for your National Service Scheme Certificate online can be easily delivered to your doorstep in less than 48 hours depending on your location.

The National Service Scheme is a Government of Ghana program under the Ministry of Education of Ghana with the National Secretariate in Accra, and offices in all administrative regions and districts across the country.

The scheme gives the opportunity to all tertiary graduates to explore, have experienced, and service the national in both public and private sectors. Every individual is ought to serve the country with one year of service after graduating from tertiary.

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After you are done with your Nation Service, your certificate needs to be ready and to pick up. Most individuals find it difficult to go to the office to pick their certificate due to a lot of people that have been attending the office. In this process, will show you the procedure to purchase or request your NSS Certificate online without any stress.

How to Request for your NSS Certificate and Requirement Needed

To get your National Service Certificate delivered to your doorstep, Just follow the following instructions given below.

  1. Personnel must finish their one year National Service
  2. Your annual assessment form must be filled with a fair assessemt of your performance by Supervisor or Head of where you worked
  3. After filling the assessment form, you need to submit it to the district office of the scheme where your agency is located
  4. Now, visit the CERTIFICATE PORTAL to verify your NSS number in the field provided
  5. Submit your Means of Identification
  6. Fill in the details in the request form displayed
  7. Now make payment for delivery using any of the payment options

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