NIA Portal: How to register for Ghana Card Online

NIA Portal: How to register for Ghana Card Online

Most people who haven’t registered for the Ghana Card always ask this question, “Can the Ghana Card be registered Online”? The National Identification Authority (NIA) has announced that every Ghanaian who is eager to register for the Ghana Card can now register Online without going through any hassle.

In a post sighted by, the National Identification Authority (NIA) developed this online portal to allow those people who have really struggled for the registration due to long queues and also to avoid overcrowding at various offices. In an interview made by, most people are saying that the online registration platform for the Ghana Card is very simple and easy to use.

Some people still don’t see the importance of the card. The Ghana Card makes it easy to prove your identity or citizenship. The card was been developed so that in a few years to come, we can use the Ghana Card to access social services such as Health, Education, Communications, Insurance, banking etc.

After you are done with the online registration, you have to schedule a time so that you can go to the NIA office for the final registration. Someone will ask “Why should I go to the NIA office for the final registration”? The National Identification Authority (NIA) in post sighted by says that the Final registration will always be at the NIA office for security reasons. The reason for you to go to the office for the final process is to use a biometric process whereby all your ten (10) fingers will be scanned onto the card and also a picture will be taken for the card.

Online Registration Requirements

  • Original Birth Certificate or a valid passport
  • Digital Address
  • The following hamonization of data with NIA (DRIVING LICENSE, NHIS CARD, TAX (TIN), PASSPORT, VOTER CARD)
  • The following information would also be required if you have them ( SSNIT number, Driving license, Voter ID, TIN)

How to register for Ghana Card Online

Kindly follow the steps very carefully and complete your Ghana Card Registration Online

  1. Kindly visit the NIA Registration Portal
  2. Click on the Create a New Application
  3. A Registration sign up account will pop up.
  4. Kindly Enter your Password and Repeat Passowrd (NB: Please save your Registration ID and password. Registration ID and Password will be required to login at a later date)
  5. Now kindly provide the required information that will be given in the form

NOTE: After you have completely finished with the registration, you will get the option to download the completed form. You will then receive an email that has been linked with the completed application form. Download and print the application form. You can send the printed form to the National Identification Authority (NIA) registration centre for the final registration.

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