How to enable Facebook Protect on your account

How to enable Facebook Protect on your account

Facebook has announced to the general public that, all users are required to enable the Facebook Protect feature on their account by May 26. In a post sighted by TheGhanaTech, users who refuse to enable this advanced security feature will not be able to access their account until they do so.

The “Facebook Protect” is an advanced security feature that protects your account against potential vulnerabilities. This feature help users to use strong security for their accounts to avoid any cyber-attack. According to Facebook, most accounts are being hacked and phished due to weak security.

Facebook, which is now known as Meta is one of the biggest social media platforms whereby people make friends, promote their businesses, and share pictures, videos, music, articles and also opinion on a certain statement. According to them, there have been several reports due to accounts being hacked.

In a post sighted by TheGhanaTech, about 300+ accounts are being hacked in a day due to weak security. The Facebook security team has taken a big notice of this alert that comes in daily and has developed a security system that can protect all accounts from hackers.

Therefore, all users are encouraged to activate the feature on their accounts. “You can also submit a report through the Facebook Help and Support page if you encounter any strange changes to your account” stated Facebook.

How to enable Facebook Protect

Kindly follow the steps carefully to activate the advanced security feature to your account without going through any stress.

  1. Log into your account on Facebook
  2. Click on Settings & Privacy
  3. On the desktop, click on Security and Login or Password and Security on mobile
  4. Under the Security and Login or Password and Security, you will see a note that says “Facebook Protect is Off”
  5. Click on Get Started to start the process
  6. Now follow the prompt to turn ON the Facebook Protect

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