How to delete your old Facebook Page posts in one click

How to delete your old Facebook Page posts in one click

Deleting your old Facebook page posts has become the biggest problem for most Facebook users. The social media giant, Facebook, is one of the biggest social network platforms that most individuals connect and socialize with.

Most Facebook users normally find it difficult to delete their old posts from their Facebook page due to some security policies made by the Facebook team. This problem has become a big challenge for most users and as a matter of fact, some business pages are even migrating to different social platforms.

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The experimentation and observation made on some old posts sighted by, deleting page posts from the biggest social networking platform are very easy and simple using a creator studio tool made by Facebook.

How to delete your old Facebook Page posts

This tutorial is to help you delete an old post on your page with just one click.

  1. Login to Facebook Creator Studio
  2. Select the page you want to delete the old posts from at the top of the dashboard and click view
  3. On your left hand side of the dashboard, select content library
  4. Posts made in your page will all show and after clicking on content library
  5. Tick the check box of the old posts you want to delete
  6. Now, click on the delete button to delete the selected old posts

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