How to create and host a Space on Twitter

Twitter: How to create and host a Space

Do you know that you can now create and host a space for live audio conversations on Twitter? Hosting space on Twitter is very easy for individuals to choose a topic, people to speak, and vibe.

Host space is about connecting people through the power of the human voice. Being a host is a unique opportunity because every space is different. This kind of live audio conversation makes discussion simple and understandable.

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Someone will ask, how are people going to see your space? sighted that, in default, any space is public and viewable to anyone. However, accounts with protected Tweets cannot create space.

How to Host a Space

  1. Login your twitter account
  2. Long press on the Tweet Compose on your home timeline and then tap the new Spaces icon on the far left.
  3. Name your Space and Start your Space. This option will pop up when creating a new Space.
  4. You can Schedule a Space by tapping on the Schedule for later. (Choose the date and time for the schedule)
  5. Now the host can send a requests to listeners to become speakers by tapping on the people icon or profile picture
  6. Now Space is live until you end it.

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