How to check your NHIS Card validity using a shortcode

How to check your NHIS Card validity using a shortcode

Have you ever checked the validity of your National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) card? The National Health Insurance Scheme is saying that anyone who is having an NHIS card can easily check their card status whether the card is active or inactive by the use of a shortcode.

The National Health Insurance Scheme was made to cover Ghanaian citizens only. In an interview made by TheGhanaTech, most people were complaining that the NHIS card doesn’t cover any medications and bills when they visit a health care centre.

It is very important for everyone living in the country to register for the NHIS card because you may never know when you will need it. In a post sighted by TheGhanaTech, the National Health Insurance Scheme have a generous benefits package that covers over 95% of diseases conditions in the country.

The process of registering the NHIS card is very simple and fast. After the registration, the first thing that normally comes to head is, “How long can I access health care under the scheme”? As a new member, you will serve a waiting period of three months before accessing health care under the scheme.

However, pregnant women and children under five years of age do not serve any waiting period. According to the National Health Insurance Scheme, over 4600 credentialed health facilities serve you across the county.

And also the scheme has made it possible to link the NHIS card to the Ghana Card for healthcare access hence reducing the cards members carry at any time.

How to check your NHIS Card validity using a shortcode

  1. On your smartphone, kindly dial *929#
  2. Select option 1(Check Policy Validity)
  3. Now select the Card type (NHIS Card, Ghana Card)
  4. Enter your NHIS membership number
  5. Re-enter your NHIS card number
  6. Hurray! now your NHIS status will pop (Active or Inactive)

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