How to backup your WhatsApp account to Google drive

How to backup your WhatsApp account to Google drive

Do you know that you can backup your WhatsApp account to google drive without going through any stress? In this tutorial, will show you how to backup your WhatsApp account.

WhatsApp is one of the most popular social media cross-platforms centralized to make communication simple and easy with instant text messaging and voice messaging, make voice and video calls, and share images, documents, user locations, and other content.

Backing up your account to drive is very important for every individual who is using the app. Most people don’t know the use of backing up their accounts. Whenever you backup your WhatsApp to drive, you have to know that your account is safe and secure.

Google Drive is a cloud file storage service developed by Google. The drive allows users to store files in the system across different devices and can be retrieved whenever you need them. Before you can have access to the drive, you need to be a user by signing up for google.

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If you normally do a backup of your WhatsApp account, you have to count yourself as a secure person. You might never know when your device might be broken that you have to re-install Whatsapp and that is when you will get to know the importance of Backup. Your account backup can be retrieved from the cloud anytime you need them.

How to backup your WhatsApp to Google drive

  1. Open WhatsApp
  2. Click on more option icon
  3. Click on the settings and select chat
  4. Now click on chat backup
  5. Select Back up to Google Drive
  6. Select backup frequency other than Never
  7. Now select the google account you would like to back up your chat history to.
  8. Click backup up over to choose the network you want to use for your backup

Note: if you don’t have an account connected, click on the add account when prompted and enter your login credentials.

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