How to protect your Social Media Accounts from Hackers

How to protect your Social Media Accounts from Hackers

Do you know that your social media accounts can be protected and secured from hackers? In this tutorial, will show you how you can protect your Social Media Accounts from hackers without going through any stress.

In an interview made by, most people on social media apps get hacked through some medium that they don’t know. Before a hacker attacks your account, he or she will monitor and get some details from you which will make it easier for the hacker to get into your system account.

In a post sighted by, the rate at which people get hacked on social media platforms is too high in a percentage of 90%. Most people get hacked through some links shared from untrusted sources, opening ads, and mails attachments.

Someone may ask “How do they easily hack devices”? The hackers are very smart and intelligent in such a way that, they monitor the type of device the user is using and create malware to attack the device.

What is Malware? Malware is a term used to describe malicious software, including spyware, ransomware, viruses, and worms. Malware breaches a network through a vulnerability, typically when a user clicks a dangerous link or email attachment that then installs risky software. When this kind of risky software is been install on your device, the hackers get the chance of controlling your device and also steal some important files or information from the device.

They can easily hack your social media account when the risky software is already installed on your device. And also, they can easily get all the databases of the apps on your device. When these databases are collected, they convert it into a media file and get some information out of it. You can be blackmailed when you have some personal information on that database.

How to protect and secure your Social Media Accounts from Hackers

  1. Use strong Password or PIN when using a software to protect your apps
  2. Keep your system and Apps updated
  3. Avoid joining an unknown group created by an unknown person
  4. Always make sure your app account encryption settings are turned on
  5. Avoid login your account on a different device

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